Tasmania’s old growth & high conservation value forests STILL sold as ‘eco’ wood! Dob in Ta Ann

Ta Ann: selling Tasmanian forest destruction

It’s hard to believe, but one of Malaysia's biggest wood cartels is ripping through the Tasmanian wilderness, sourcing wood that comes from the destruction of high conservation value forests and selling it in Japan as "eco-friendly” plywood.

Tasmania is home to some of the world’s most spectacular forests, many of which:

  • provide habitat for endangered species like the Tasmanian devil
  • are high conservation value ecosystems
  • are old growth
  • are of World Heritage significance
  • are home to some of the tallest hardwood trees in the world
  • are important water catchments for communities
  • are some of the most carbon dense forests in the world

However, Tasmania’s world-class forests are still being destroyed by logging and roading operations and a brilliant opportunity to protect outstanding forests, end controversial logging and make a rapid transition to a revamped sustainable forestry industry is being wasted.

Official reports clearly show that this forest destruction is now being primarily driven by Ta Ann Tasmania.[i]

The wood that is sourced from this forest destruction is processed by companies including Ta Ann and exported overseas, ending up in places like Japan where it is manufactured into products such as Eco Message Flooring and Almighty Flooring by companies like Panasonic and Eidai. It is then onsold to the public by companies such as Sekisui House and Daiwa House.

Ta Ann has misled its customers in Japan and Europe by falsely promoting some of its Tasmanian products as ‘environmentally friendly’ plywood. Ta Ann, their partner SMKC, and their Japanese customers claim that these ‘eco-products’ are sourced from plantations and forests that have been replanted after logging. However, the reality is that Ta Ann is processing and selling timber products that are sourced from the logging of old growth forests, high conservation value forests, and forest with recognised World Heritage values in Tasmania.

For more information about Ta Ann & their role in driving Tasmanian forest destruction, please visit www.taann.net

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